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Last update: 05/15/00 (Site facelift, AXCompSafety, ScrollView, VBBubble)
A unique collection of freeware programs and code samples catering to the intermediate and advanced Visual Basic programmer familiar with the Win32 shell, common controls, and API.
Common Controls
MenuHelp 06/20/97 The status bar's companion function MenuHelp revealed
ProgressBar 05/25/97 Creates a real progress bar common control at runtime
SBPanelSizer 04/22/99 Shows how statusbar panels can be sized like splitter windows
StatusBar 06/20/97 Creates a real status bar common control at runtime
Tooltip 10/14/99 Creates a real tooltip common control at runtime
VBExplorer 10/28/99 VB TreeView and ListView Explorer demo
VBListView 11/14/99 Extending the functionality of the VB ListView controls
VBTreeView 11/30/99 Extending the functionality of the VB TreeView controls

BrowseDlg 05/25/97 How to display the "Browse for Folder" dialog box
EnumDeskVB 03/12/99 Creates real treeview and listview common controls at runtime
IShellFolder 08/07/97 The SDK example "Using PIDLs and Display Names" ported to VB5
SHContextMenu 03/17/99 How to show the shell's context menu for directories and files
SHGetFileInfo 06/22/97 A complete demonstration of the SHGetFileInfo function
SHFormatDrive 06/26/97 A look at the undocumented SHFormatDrive function
SHChangeNotify 03/17/99 An example of how to *receive* shell change notifications
UndocShell 07/30/97 A demo of a dozen undocumented Shell32.dll functions
WBPidlNav 06/01/98 How to navigate the WebBrowser control using a folder's pidl

AXCompSafety 05/15/00 An ActiveX component safe for initialization and scripting editor
GfxFromFrx 12/08/99 How to extract graphics from VB binary property files
VBBubble 04/11/00 VB control tooltips on steroids



A few miscellaneous demos that never got their own page
DriveScan 04/04/97 Fast recursive file search and folder info example
NTEventLog 05/15/00 Windows NT/2K event log viewer
REContextMenu 06/21/97 Demonstrates RichEdit control edit context menu functionality
ScrollView 04/12/99 A UserControl becomes a natural scrollable viewport
Win32Errors 03/23/97 How to retrieve descriptions of Win32 error codes

DateIt32 04/04/97 Utility that sets the file date stamp
MenuInfo 05/25/97 Utility that retrieves application menu information
OCXHelper 04/24/97 Solution to "Object Server not correctly registered" (Error 336) in VB4
Win32ErrorApp 05/02/97 Utility that retrieves descriptions of Win32 error codes

The Site

This site will remain in it's constant state of construction and be updated on a rather irregular basis (in other words I'd much rather be writing code than making this site much prettier). Its sole purpose is to provide most unique, effective, and advanced code and concepts for Visual Basic developers in as simple and clear of a format as possible. It is brought to you by Brad Martinez, curator and reluctant web author.

The Code

Due credit is paid to those whose ideas and concepts were borrowed and used in the code demos.

The code and executables are written in either VB5 or VB4a-32, and have been tested on both Win95, NT4 Workstation, and in some cases both Win98 and Win2K as well.

The respective VB runtime files are not included in any of the zips, expediting your download time. Other dependent ActiveX and type library files are included only where necessary.

Many newer VB5 code examples use subclassing to achieve their respective functionality. Most of those examples utilize the services of the "Debug Object for AddressOf Subclassing" ActiveX server, Dbgwproc.dll, allowing unencumbered code execution when in break mode in the VB IDE. This server is freely distributable and can be obtained from http://vbnet.mvps.org/dev/main/index.html.

The Rules

Unless noted otherwise, all files and code available on this site are authored by Brad Martinez, who retains exclusive copyright protection and distribution rights.

Developers are free to use any code or concepts presented on this site in their applications without liability or compensation, but the courtesy of both notification of use and inclusion of due credit are requested.

It is PROHIBITED to distribute or reproduce any of the files or code found in this site for profit or otherwise, on any web site, ftp server or BBS, or by any other means, including CD-ROM or other physical media, without the EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION of the author.

The Questions

Due to an inordinate amount of email I receive regarding development specific questions, I find it sometimes difficult to respond. If you don't hear from me, I recommend searching either Microsoft's MSDN Library Online, Microsoft's Online Support Knowledge Base, or Deja News newsgroup archives for answers to your Visual Basic related questions.

You may find me frequenting some of the "vb" newsgroups on the Microsoft news server msnews.microsoft.com, and on occasion, the "vb" newsgroups on the news server news.devx.com.

The Disclaimer

No warranty is implied as to the accuracy and/or reliability of the programs and code available on this site. The developer assumes all risk.

The Affiliations

Member of the Common Controls Replacement Project, a group of Visual Basic developers aiming to provide separate and more robust ActiveX controls to replace and extend the controls and dialogs found in the VB Comctl32.ocx and Comdlg32.ocx libraries. Other CCRP member sites include:

VBnet  Randy Birch
Visual Basic Samples  Karl E. Peterson
The VB Box  Klaus Probst

Common Controls Replacement Project


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The Other Links

Aside from the CCRP sites listed above, here are few links to other VB related sites that may prove useful:

Visual Basic Thunder   Ben Baird
Visual Basic Accelerator  Steve McMahon
Edanmo's VB Page   Eduardo A. Morcillo

And finally...

A big thanks to Felix Kasza, the ever so generous and competent admin who runs the mvps web server on which this site is hosted.

Copyright 1997-2000 Brad Martinez

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