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CBS5 GG Bridge Cam (mostly fixed pan) Berkeley Marina Cam (fixed pan) KTVU Live Cam (Emeryville, random pan) KGO East Bay Cam (random pan)
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CBS5 City Cam (random pan) CBS5 Bay Cam (random pan) CBS5 Cliff House Cam (fixed pan) Earthcam SF Cam (near Hyde St Pier, random pan)
Webmarin Cam (Sausalito hills to S.F, fixed pan) ABC East Bay Cam (random pan, tilt)
Sausalito Cam (fixed pan) Crissy Field Marsh Webcam (fixed pan)
Lawrence Hall of Science (East bay hills viewing west, fixed pan) Muir Beach (viewing south, fixed pan)
Boradsports School Crown Beach Alameda Cam (fixed pan) Boradsports School Coyote Point Cam (fixed pan)
Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica (Pedro Point looking north, live, fixed pan) Point Reyes Beach (looking north, fixed pan)
USGS-Ocean Beach, CA (fixed pan)
Ocean Beach (jsntg's Webcam) (fixed pan)
Mavericks Webcam (live, fixed pan) Bodega Marine Laboratory Webcam (fixed pan)

More webcams:

Exploratorium Roof Cam (almost like being at Crissy, almost...)
PIER 39 Restaurant - Live Interactive Camera (secret link, zooms into north tower)
Jack's 3rd Avenue Webcams (awesome, Ken Poulton's mirror site)
SF Gate Live Views (semi-useful)

Weather links: - CA- San Francisco Wind Data (requires membership)
NWS - Western Satellite Imagery (very useful)
NWS SF Bay, current forecast (basic)
Weather Underground Marine Forecast (basic)
NWS Angel Island wind readings (click "DARDC Wind Reports" & "How to interpret these reports")
NWS composite doppler radar images for SF bay (good for local storm tracking, click the "loop" links)
Tiburon Yacht Club - weather (Larkspur outside)
SFPORTS - San Francisco Bay Currents (interesting but not real useful)
Wind Patterns, Real-Time SF Bay (ditto)

Other stuff:

San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA)
Windows Live Local - Crissy Field Summer '05 sat shot (too cool...)
Google groups - rec.windsurfing (Usenet newsgroup, lots of windsurfing discussion)
TheWindMap - Worldwide Windsurfing Locations (interesting but cumbersome)

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